My song "Not Your Fault" is going to be playing on Women of Substance Radio starting January 9th as part of thier Pop Show Thursdays! It will also be playing on the iTunes Radio Adult Contemporary Category (incidentally, you can create your own "Kris Angelis Station" on itunes Radio, like on Pandora which should have my album very soon as well!) and on where you can listen, rate, and vote for my song so that it gets featured and played more! Happy listening :) I'm listening to the itunes "Kris Angelis Station" right now and its all music that I like so far which is a good sign! ;) 
xo Kris

Added: Just got to some songs that seem to be part of my station due to the few "Twilight-inspired" songs on itunes from the TMG days....the other songs that itunes puts in this category that are not the TMG girls are not a very accurate representation of our music or mine...if you don't like anything, you can always tell the station not to play it.