In 2019 I was feeling pulled into darkness by that siren, Hope and last year I tried to look into that darkness at the stars that could guide me away from the rocks. Out of this reflection came songs that illustrate the reality of life and love with all their joys and struggles.  The title of the album, "The Skies We Look To," comes from one of the songs, “My Quiet" in which people make wishes even though they couldn't see the stars and I hope that is what the album inspires.

"I'd Give Anything" is about realizing what you had and trying to let it go and move forward

"That Wine Stain" might be the most vulnerable song I've ever written. It's about being with someone who abused alcohol and how their lack of memory of certain moments left us both feeling empty for opposite reasons. We used actual wine glasses to play notes, my producer Bill Lefler created a percussion loop out of my pouring and clinking while tuning them, and the wine we used was made by the person the song is about.

I humbly submit them for your consideration

Produced and engineered by Billy Lefler  
Mixed by Andrew Oedel
Mastered by Hans DeKline  
Artwork by Lee Holbrook