Last year, I was dealing with a shattered heart and needed to get away, so I packed up my little blue Prius and hit the road booking as I went and performed over 100 shows in all 50 states. I connected with wonderful souls, got my heart broken again, and healed. Out of all that came my album That Siren, Hope which explores all the facets of hope, painting it as a mythical siren that draws you in only to leave you drowning, but also as a comfort and a force that keeps you going when you can’t see what’s ahead.

I humbly submit it for your consideration

Produced and engineered by Billy Lefler  
Mixed by Adrian Alvarado and Billy Lefler  
Mastered by Hans DeKline  
Artwork by Lee Holbrook

"That Siren, Hope" is in the top 100 of the Americana Albums chart

Listen to the album below along with a bonus alternate version of "Ghost (I'm Alive & Breathing)