GRAMMY Awards®

Kris Angelis


Americana Album

This album is about coming into peaceful power within yourself. Telling "A Different Story" about yourself and life. Running into the unknown with joyful curious surrender while also standing your ground for what's right and important even when that ground needs to be shaken up and not wasting any time looking back in anger or regret or shame.

Some folks told me I should write more happy songs so I wrote "A Happy Song" ;) The idea is someone who was enamored with the idea of having a song written about them and saw that I write a lot of heartbreak songs so....what a waste - I would have written a song for you anyway - it could have been happy!

My father who was a flight nurse for the Air Force, going into combat zones to pick up and take care of injured soldiers, and who was always positive and could be friends with anyone, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago. He's still here but has changed a lot. I wrote "Paper Planes" to tell him that it's all alright, he really only has the present moment so we try to make it joyful and even if he doesn't know who I am, we know we love each other and worrying about anything else is just a

damn, shame, waste.

Produced and engineered by Billy Lefler  
Mixed by Adrian Alvarado, Billy Lefler, and Ryan Lipman
Mastered by Hans DeKline  
Additional Engineering by Caleb Conner