Original Holiday song coming Nov 6th! Preorder now! 

I was having a feeling brought on by a lot of the circumstances of this year, so as with many of the feelings I have, I turned it into a song! (The feeling can be represented by my less-than-amused baby self on the cover art!)

It's a bit of a different take on a Christmas song but I think it's relatable as the holidays can be a trying time. I'd love to know what you think!

Pre-order and Pre-save my brand new original Christmas song with Abe Abraham now to help it chart when it comes out Nov 6th! :)

'That Siren, Hope' climbing the Americana Albums chart 

My little EP has been getting airplay around the country and a couple of weeks ago it broke into the Top 100 of the Americana Albums chart! This week it shot up to #86! I'm so grateful to the stations that are playing it, anyone who is requesting or telling them you like it, and that people are getting to hear it! 


Paste/Noisetrade Emerging Artist 

I'm excited and grateful to be a Paste/Noisetrade EMERGING ARTIST this week! You can see me in their newsletters, socials, and at the top of their website all of this week. You can get "That Siren, Hope" along with a bonus track for FREE there as well! 


Please share this link with anyone you think would like my music, because who doesn't like free stuff? And it might get me a new fan! 


I'm excited to announce that the video for my song "Photobooth" which was directed by my sister, Alix Angelis won three awards last night in the International Independent Music Awards!

Best Folk/Americana Video

Best Pop Video

Fan Favorite Folk/Americana Video 

And was one of the 6 finalists for Video of the Year!

Wheels of Laredo cover 

I released my cover of "Wheels of Laredo" on Aug 7th! Tim Hanseroth, Phil Hanseroth, & Brandi Carlile wrote this beautiful song which is on Tanya Tucker’s Grammy winning album “While I’m Living” & The Highwomen albums from 2019. The lyrics have haunting imagery of love, loss, longing & history. Jamboozie takes place in Laredo, TX to celebrate a battle in 1898 between white men & Native Americans who won. The mayor gave the Chief the key to the city as a sign of unconditional surrender. It's the backdrop for many juxtapositions now. The drums of both sides are represented echoing through the track and underscore a more current story and personal inner battle. 

The colors of the cover art are the colors included on the flags of the Yaqui Tribe, Texas, and Mexico and the key is the key to the city from the state of Texas representing open gates and partnership. 

Produced by Billy Lefler