Get a personal postcard from me from Hawaii! 

In celebration and for the countdown to me completing my 50 state tour, I'm trying to reach 50 patrons on

Anyone who becomes a patron or upgrades their patronage by Nov 7th (the last show of the tour in the 50th state, HAWAII) will get a handwritten postcard from me from Hawaii!

You also get all kinds of fun rewards just for becoming one of my "angels" depending on your level and your ongoing support gets you access to exclusive and early behind the scenes, songs, and videos.

Go check it out and spread the word!

xo Kris

Chicago & NYC Billboards! 

I have been doing a lot of live-streaming on the LiveAF app (you can join and follow me for interactive streams of me singing, going through tour life/regular life, sometimes I do "bedtime stories" where I ready Harry Potter out loud because why the heck not? :) 

I have gotten a ton of support on this app (I have over 50k followers in just 10 weeks!) and I've won 3 contests! One was to be on this billboard in Chicago and go to the unveiling party and ride in a helicopter, the next was to be on a billboard and party in NYC, and the last is a $3000 shopping spree to get new wardrobe and such for my shows/tours/videos/promo etc! Below is the billboard in Chicago (#BeLikeKris haha!), me at the party in Chicago, and some screenshots of the photoshoot for the NYC Billboard. You can see more photos on Instagram and I'll have more on that when I go there next month.

And here's the guy who has made me the winner in all of these contests along with a bunch of other amazing, generous folks. Justin was my biggest supporter so he got to come to Chicago and celebrate!


As you may know, I'm on a mission to play in all 50 of the United States in 2019! I'm flying by the seat of my pants a bit because I started out before it was all booked but I'm making it happen! Here's a map of where I've played so far (blue)! If I haven't been in your state and you don't see it on the TOUR page yet, rest assured, I WILL be playing there in some capacity before the year is over so keep your eyes peeled for more emails, updates on my website and follow me on my socials (links at the bottom of this email) You can find posts about this with #KrisPlaysTheStates on Instagram

I'll be sharing some video of life on the road on my Patreon soon (as well as the brand new tracks from my upcoming EP!) so join now to get first access to that fun stuff!

Grammy NEXT 

I'm thrilled to tell you that I just got chosen to be part of this year's Grammy NEXT program which chooses a group of young artists that the committee believes has potential and pairs them with an industry "guide" or mentor as they get access to exclusive events and opportunities! 

        "NEXT is designed to identify and empower the next generation of music industry leaders to be an active voice in the Academy’s mission of recognizing                 musical excellence and advocating for the well-being of music makers." 

I'll keep you posted on the adventure that I'm sure this will be as the year unfolds!

I'm going to be on billboards in Chicago! 

With the incredible generosity and support of wonderful fans, I won a competition through LiveAF (live-streaming app) and I'm going to be on billboards all around Chicago! I'm heading there soon for the unveiling party and I'll keep you posted! Meanwhile here are some fun behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot.

I'm also at #1 currently for a competition on the app to be on billboards in NYC! Come hang out with me on the app to hear me sing, chat, and help me win! 

Sweet Treats Birthday Patreon Celebration! 

It's my birthday month! And to celebrate, I'm going to bake something sweet and yummer for everyone who joins my Patreon at the Cherub level or higher by July 23rd! (my birthday!) That's only $10 a month for access to the patreon feed which is exclusive and early content and a great community PLUS great benefits at each level. So check it out now! My goal is to get to at least 50 total patrons and I can't wait to make your sweet treats!