SiriusXM The Pulse - Shazam and Giveaway!

As you can read above, my song "Heartbreak Is Contagious" is going to be playing on SiriusXM 'The Pulse' this weekend during the Train Tracks show with Pat Monahan (the lead singer of Train)! This is very exciting because they are a tastemaker station and if it goes well, the song could really take off! 

The way they determine how the audience is reacting to new songs is by looking at how many times it gets looked up on Shazam during when they play it on the station, so if you could do me a huge favor and Shazam it during these times, that would be SO helpful! If you don't know what Shazam is, its an app that listens to songs and tells you what they are :) 

Please ask your friends to do it too! Anyone who is around when it comes on! AND each time you post the above photo to social media tagging me @krisangelis and #heartbreakiscontagious, you'll be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card! I'm so excited for where this could lead! Thank you for your help! 

You can get a free 30 day trial by clicking "Get Started" at or get the app to listen on your phone or computer! 

xoxo Kris

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