Music Tasting Menu

When all the shows were cancelled and we started staying home, I was 
thinking about how I could help artists like me through this and how I 
could direct people who might want to support those artists in a 
creative way. I came up with this idea (which was very much inspired 
by my friend Kristin Ford's Compilation Box 
[] which you should also 
check out.) 

It's a monthly "Tasting Menu" of musicians curated by me and a 
surprise to you! You can get access to stream and download these 
albums or collections of songs provided by the artists by subscribing 
through my website HERE []. 
It's only $20 per month to get 4 albums! That's a pretty good deal and 
you get to discover new music to listen to in your home, while 
supporting the artists. The artists get paid for every subscription! 

It's kind of like the social distance version of going to a Sofar 
Sounds show and I'm hoping Sofar Sounds [] 
will think its cool and help me promote it! 

CLICK HERE to subscribe for as long as you want!

There are so many great artists lined-up that 
I'm excited to share with you while supporting them in this crazy 

I (and all the indie musicians) appreciate you! 

xo Kris 

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