1. The Sparrow

From the recording Pieces That Were Stolen


I was afraid that
the ground would split right then and there
I’ve never been someone 
to run from the truth or a dare
I’ve fallen so deep
hoping there’s treasure to find
I am the sparrow
You let loose inside the mine

But the air is fine 
And I’m not hard to find
Don’t take your time

I’m still in love dear
I hope that’s not gone out of style 
Cuz I think you fit me
But maybe I’m just in denial
All of the places we’ve been to 
I followed you blind
I am the sparrow 
You let loose inside the mine

And the air is fine 
I’m not hard to find 
Don’t fall behind


All that I know is I love you
Oh god I hope that I do

The air is fine 
You don’t have to fight
I’ll hold your heart
We’ll get through the night