LA Music Critics Awards

I have been nominated in 3 categories for the 2013 LA Music Critics Awards! 
Best Female CD - "The Left Atrium"
Best Pop - "The Left Atrium"
Most Creative Promotion 

We'll see who won on January 8th!
Happy New Year!

My album "The Left Atrium" won the award for Best Female Album! 
Thank you to everyone who worked on it! 
Click Here to get the album!

PRODUCER/engineer/mixer/many instruments - Jeff Zacharski

Mastering - Brad Murphree


Piano/Keys - Mallory Trunnell

Bass - Andrew Perusi 

Violin/Mandolin - Stephan Hovsepian

Drums/percussion - Charles Wiley

Cello - Anna Su

Banjo - Timothy Hall

Electric Guitar - Mat Koehler

Vocals and guitar on "Nothing You Can Say"  - Zane Carney

Timothy Garrett

Additional photos - Daniella Hovsepian