Bud Light SuperBowl Commercial! 

I'm "The identical twin of the girl you just met" in the 2014 Bud Light SuperBowl Spot "Epic Night" in which my twin sister Alix and I lead one very lucky unsuspecting guy through a crazy night including Don Cheadle and a llama, a party only full of twins, a ping pong match with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and being on stage with One Republic! See the spot here: http://youtu.be/gKKVQLDYYcw  
And be sure to go to https://www.youtube.com/user/officialbudlight/videos to see more scenes from Ian's Epic Night and behind the scenes! 
This was so amazing and fun to be a part of and my sister and I are so grateful to BudLight for having us be a part of it! #UpForWhatever 
Everyone on production and the crew and director Jeff Tremaine were so fun to work with and they pulled off something incredible! 


I am attending the Sundance Festival in Park City, UT for the first time this year and I am having so much fun! This place is gorgeous and the weather has been beautiful! I've been going to lots of parties and meeting lovely people who are so receptive to my music! I am playing at part of the Koffeehouse at Flanagan's at noon on Monday 1/20 and then at 4pm at the HP Live Lounge. Both acoustic sets! And I'm heading to meet with Billboard magazine between the shows! I gotta run - more about this awesome experience coming soon! xo


My song "Not Your Fault" is going to be playing on Women of Substance Radio starting January 9th as part of thier Pop Show Thursdays! It will also be playing on the iTunes Radio Adult Contemporary Category (incidentally, you can create your own "Kris Angelis Station" on itunes Radio, like on Pandora which should have my album very soon as well!) and on Live365.com where you can listen, rate, and vote for my song so that it gets featured and played more! Happy listening :) I'm listening to the itunes "Kris Angelis Station" right now and its all music that I like so far which is a good sign! ;) 
xo Kris

Added: Just got to some songs that seem to be part of my station due to the few "Twilight-inspired" songs on itunes from the TMG days....the other songs that itunes puts in this category that are not the TMG girls are not a very accurate representation of our music or mine...if you don't like anything, you can always tell the station not to play it. 

Artist Signal 

I competed in the internationa competition on ArtistSignal.com in December and got to #2 out of thousands because of YOUR amazing support and voting! I truly believe that if we rally the troops and get the voting to the level that it was in the middle of the month right off the bat in an upcoming month, I can get to #1 and win $10,000 which I will use for my upcoming tours and next release! Go TEAMKRIS!!!

VOTE NOW AND EVERY HOUR! www.artistsignal.com/krisangelis

LA Music Critics Awards 

I have been nominated in 3 categories for the 2013 LA Music Critics Awards! 
Best Female CD - "The Left Atrium"
Best Pop - "The Left Atrium"
Most Creative Promotion 

We'll see who won on January 8th!
Happy New Year!

My album "The Left Atrium" won the award for Best Female Album! 
Thank you to everyone who worked on it! 
Click Here to get the album!

PRODUCER/engineer/mixer/many instruments - Jeff Zacharski www.jeffzacharski.com

Mastering - Brad Murphree www.m4audio.com


Piano/Keys - Mallory Trunnell www.youtube.com/mallorytrunnell

Bass - Andrew Perusi 

Violin/Mandolin - Stephan Hovsepian

Drums/percussion - Charles Wiley www.charleswiley.net

Cello - Anna Su www.facebook.com/annasumusic

Banjo - Timothy Hall

Electric Guitar - Mat Koehler  http://www.hgguitars.com/Holy_Grail_Guitars/Holy_Grail_Guitars.html

Vocals and guitar on "Nothing You Can Say"  - Zane Carney www.zanecarney.com

Timothy Garrett www.timothygarrett.com

Additional photos - Daniella Hovsepian


I'm excited to announce that my album "The Left Atrium" has been accepted for inclusion on Pandora Radio! Its a great way to discover new music that is similar to what you already like so I'm excited to see what artists my music is played with. It will take a few months before the songs show up in your stations but keep an ear open and let me know when you hear them! 

I'm a "Top 40" Artist! Who knew? - Music For GOOD 

Thank you for listening to my music! It has gotten me into the Top 40 for singer/songerwriters in my area on ReverbNation.com! The extra awesome thing about this is that if you keep listening and share my music through reverbnation to your friends and they listen, I could get to #1 and higher in the national charts which will bring my music to more people's attention and this is a GOOD thing because whenever the songs on my reverbnation page are purchased, a percentage of that money goes to Charity:Water www.charitywater.org which brings clean water to areas of the world that need it. This is essential to prevent the spread of disease and increase the quality of life of the people in those areas! So you can listen to my music while enjoying a delicious, cool glass of clean water or a nice shower and know that you have done something GOOD! Tell your friends! They might want that good feeling too!

Noisetrade - Help Spread the Music! FREE songs! 

There is a sampler from my album on Noisetrade.com. Its a great website for finding new music where artists post their music for download for FREE or whatever you want to donate! If you do enjoy my music, anything you can give would be much appreciated to help pay for my upcoming tours! And/or you can help me spread the music to new fans by sharing this link with friends who would enjoy my music and telling them about the whole album! http://noisetrade.com/krisangelis/songs-from-the-left-atrium