Reappear has appeared! 

I couldn't help it! ;)- My new song "Reappear" is now available everywhere! If you want to purchase it, the best place is right HERE on my website where you can set your own price and the store doesn't take a large percentage. Please spread the word and also Save, Add to Playlists, and play a bunch on Spotify

<3 xo

Update Video - Upcoming shows! 

Visit the "Tour" section to get all the details on the upcoming shows

And here's me singing one of my newer songs with my friends Crimson Calamity who you can go see at the Hotel Cafe in LA TONIGHT! (1/22 at 7:15!)

New Original Holiday song out today! 

My new song "Everyday Holiday" was inspired by the situation of living in warm places during the holidays (it was about 100 degrees out when I was writing and recording this and it was October.) It's about creating happy, cozy holiday times even if they aren't pinterest picture perfect ;)

Listen HERE

Please follow me on Spotify while you're there and Save, Share, and add it to playlists!

Patreon Special Holiday Offer through Dec 23rd 

Right now through December 23rd, if you join my Patreon at the $5 tier or higher, you will get all of the benefits of being one of my special angel patrons like exclusive and early access to songs and videos I'm working on, my entire digital catalogue, merch discounts, handwritten thank you cards, special t-shirts and more!


Just during these few weeks you'll also get a special gift of a signed CD with 4 winter/holiday songs (3 of which have not been released yet!) This won't be available anywhere else! It's just for you awesome people who make it possible for me to keep making music and touring for you!