WINNER: Best Female Artist - International Acoustic Music Awards

WINNER: International Songwriting Competition 2016

Heartbreak Is Contagious EP debuted in the Top 10 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts

Huffington Post article for release of Bright Side single


"Kevin Bacon" played on 104.3 My FM

"She'll blow up next year. She's the new Rachel Platten or something, watch out!" - Valentine on Valentine in the Morning on 104.3 MY fm Los Angeles

Breaking & Entering

Sometimes, you hear certain songs and tones that are so commercially viable that you ask yourself, “how is this not a major record already?”. A ptime example of this is Kris Angelis’ track, “Built This House”, which feels tailor made for Top 40 radio. Angelis has already seen some decent success, though, as she’s put out an album and an EP, played several major festivals, and has previously premiered music on Ryan Seacrest’s website. One listen to “Built This House”, and you’ll be calling up your local radio station to ask them to put it into rotation. Listen to the enormous potential of Kris Angelis below:

Ear To The Ground Music Blog

Thank you so much @EarToThe_Ground for the wonderful kind review and feature of "Heartbreak Is Contagious"! Cheers! 

"Solid songwriting. That’s all. This is the most difficult of crafts and what separates the best artists from the sea of good. Kris is one of those rare talents who can transport you into the life of her song narrative. She crafts pop tracks that are poppy enough for the mainstream but creative and ambitious enough to win over a more indie of audiences. LA Music Critics Awards named her debut album, The Left Atrium, as the Best Female Album of 2013 and she has won accolades from a mix of music fans. The artist is working on her new EP named after this track and says this about heartbreak:“When you’re brokenhearted it can literally feel like your heart is not working properly. You can’t really love anyone, including yourself, which can lead to you breaking someone else’s heart. But also included is the idea that you can let go—that sometimes heartbreak is just a thing that happens and it’s nobody’s fault.”The result is a classic track that bounces around genres in a way that only a well crafted singer songwriter can do."

Ryan Seacrest Exclusive Video Premier

 Breakups are bittersweet, and Kris Angelis displays it perfectly in her relatable music video for “Not Your Fault.” In the Damian Horan-directed clip — which is exclusively premiering — the singer-songwriter looks back at a past relationship by reliving an entire day in her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Her former lover, who is played by Smallville actor Justin Hartley, doesn’t notice the wistful singer as she goes through her morning routine by his side. The folk-pop singer shows off her quirky personality as she goes about her day singing her upbeat, heartbreak ballad, “It’s not your fault / I know that it’s not mine / it’s all just apart of how we were designed.” - See more at:

2016 LA Music Critics Awards Winner! Best Female EP for "Heartbreak Is Contagious"

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2013 LA Music Critics Award Winner! Best Female Album for "The Left Atrium"

Kris Angelis's The Left Atrium wins Best Female Album in 2013 LA Music Critics Awards

Infectious Magazine

Women in music are great. Women in music with incomparable talent are fantastic. Women in music with incomparable talent and a story to tell are what’s going to save the world.

Today’s woman in question is Monterey, California’s singer/songwriter/gem Kris Angelis. She’s moments away from the release of her new EP, Heartbreak Is Contagious, and trust us, you want to get a countdown going.

You’re introduced to an acoustic, sweet sound on “Heartbreak Is Contagious”, the EP’s title track. The song only speeds up for it’s hook-filled chorus, featuring echo-y vocals that make you feel like the whole performance might be going on in the middle of an enchanted forest. Angelis’ voice is in full force on the song, but every time a higher note slides into the sheet music you’re taken to another world—the same happens every time she rapts “help me try to understand what’s going on inside your head.”

Angelis paints a gripping picture in “Built This House”. Listen along as an elegant but decrepit house, built to fall, is created with a charged lyrical delivery. This leads to the last song on the three track EP, titled “Kevin Bacon” (because why not?) A little happier than what we’ve heard so far, sugary sweet lyrics lead along a slow, but still danceable, beat. It captures the feeling of the first few weeks of a relationship, and is sure to highlight that point in time during your next one.

In short, if you’re having a very terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, Kris Angelis’ Heartbreak Is Contagious is sure to sweep you off your feet for a sweet ride that’ll make your day—or more accurately, week.

Heartbreak Is Contagious EP Review

With an overall sound reminiscent of Taylor Swift, all three songs are knock-outs and better than most of the songs on radio today.  The title track adds the musicality of the Lumineers with a vocal delivery similar to Miranda Lambert, and definitely has an alt-country feel.  Track 2, “Built this House,” is thoughtful and uplifting, with incredible lyrics, while Track 3, “Kevin Bacon,” is simply fun and worthy of immediate radio release.  You cannot help but get up and dance as Angelis “breaks Footloose, with those Kevin Bacon moves.”

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Blog Talk Radio Music FridayLive! Interview

(Los Angeles) Kris Angelis is a high energy, hardworking,  super talented phenomenon. Her very first album, The Left Atrium, won the 2013 LA Music Critics Best Female Album Award – no mean feat.  She also acts in film and TV, raises money to rescue child soldiers, brings music to at-risk teens, and performs in venues on both coasts. She has toured with Songs & Whispers, opened for Tyler Hilton, performed at the prestigious New Orleans House of Blues, made the finals in the Belk Southern Musician competition, played at Sundance, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, SXSW and NAMM 2016. Whew.  If that was not enough, she has just released her newest project, theHeartbreak Is Contagious EP. She took a break from her busy schedule to talk with us.

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Semi-Finalist in the Belk Southern Musician Competition

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Back in 2013 Kris Angelis came out with, what I would call, one of the most tender and emotional albums of the year, luckily Adele didn’t drop anything that year. She recently dropped a new track called Heartbreak Is Contagious which sticks with the emotional side of her first album with the lyrics really adding value to that but the production has improved ten fold with the guitar, stomps, harmonies and voice all coming together to create quite a personal, folk driven track. Heartbreak might be contagious but I think the love I have for this song might be as well - Jakk

Australian Musician Interview

As far as attaining a long-lasting, successful music career, singer, songwriter and sometime actress, Kris Angelis has already made a great start. After recording a couple of impressive, acclaimed EPs, Kris then released The Left Atrium, her debut full length album which won an LA Music Critics Award for Best Female Album in 2013. Kris has also toured Europe and played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on three occasions. She has regular gigs in New York and is about to begin a Kickstarter campaign to fund her next recording....


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"Not Your Fault" feature on WOS Video Blog

Songs on WOS "We Got It Covered" 2014 and 2015

WOS Podcast Episode #65

ArtQuench Magazine Review of RAW Artist LA Showcase

LA Music Critic Awards Nominations

Kris Angelis's The Left Atrium nominated in three categories of the 2013 LA Music Critic Awards

Best Female CD
Best Pop
Most Creative Promotion

Smokin Charlie Brown interview

Exclusive interview about "Not Your Fault" song and video.

The Left Atrium Press Release

Singer/songwriter, Kris Angelis, debuts eclectic country folk album with "The Left Atrium" on July 29, 2013

With an album title as multidimensional as the songwriter herself, "The Left Atrium" is both a piece of Angelis' heart as well as a window into her growth and maturity as an artist. With a distinct point of view, Kris Angelis' debut album showcases her talents in a genre-bending, emotional journey that has a little something for everyone. From the sexy to the inspiring to the painful, she touches on every aspect of human nature in a unique and engaging new way. A collaboration with producer/songwriter Jeff Zacharski...

Hotel Cafe Album Release Show Review

To celebrate the release of her new album, The Left Atrium, Kris Angelis brought her friends and a killer band for an incredible performance at the Hotel Cafe' last Sunday more Here
From Songs & Whispers show in Oldenburg, Germany

From Songs & Whispers show in Oldenburg, Germany

From Songs & Whispers show at Strandhouse April 2014

From Songs & Whispers show at Strandhouse April 2014

The Soulful Sound Lounge's Wednesday's Women Interview

"SSL:  Growing up in Gainesville, Florida, you began singing and writing songs at a very early age with your twin sister, Alix.  How have those early experiences shaped how you write today?
KA:  Well I think it made me really fond of harmonies! That's all we had was our voices to play off each other with before we played instruments and we would sit up in our tree house or run through the pastures and forest on the farm making up songs. Those experiences have made their way into some of my songs - particularly “Remember the Rain” which is on my first EP.  It’s about how in the summer there would be a thunderstorm almost every afternoon and you could see it coming and literally run in front of it! And the feelings of riding horses and seeing the unpolluted night sky and hearing the music of nature definitely created memories that still infiltrate my dreams and are what songs are made of."

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 Kris Angelis has a beautifully angelic voice that she uses expertly through her ability to emote at the highest level. Her soft folk sound, bordering on a Civil Wars type of country vibe, she is uniquely emotional with each and every song on her newly released “The Left Atrium.” One of my favorite songs is “Nothing You Can Say,” an absolutely heartbreaking back and forth between two lovers that just can’t love each other enough. A simple acoustic song, their vocal harmonies are allowed to stand in the center of the spotlight, coexisting together in a bittersweet way that will most definitely bring you to tears. Zane Carney is currently on tour with John Mayer, but he lent his beautiful voice to this song and most definitely gave it a breathtaking aspect. If you’re into it, also check out “Empty Cabinets,” another great cut off a pretty phenomenal release.

"The Left Atrium album review in The Examiner

Kris Angelis' Left Atrium is pumping out incredible music

I have known Kris Angelis for quite a few years, and have watched her evolution as an artist and entertainer. With her latest album The Left Atrium, Angelis reveals herself musically to the universe as a talented songwriter who is unafraid to try something different...Read More

"The Left Atrium" album review VENTS Magazine

It is a unique skill to be able to sing from your own experience and make it universal, make it understandable to others, even if they have not had the same experience themselves. It takes a sophisticated knowledge not only of chord progressions and major and minor keys, but a feel for your own heart and the hearts of others. Kris Angelis has that understanding and the skills and the voice to translate it into lyrics and notes and arrangements that make you stop and listen and say to yourself, I get it, I feel it, I love it. - See more at:

Single Press Release

"Cut to the Chase" Single from "The Left Atrium" 
Based out of Los Angeles, Kris Angelis pulls much of her inspiration from growing up on a farm Gainesville, Florida, where she first started her love affair with music crafting little songs and singing harmonies with her twin sister. A theatre performer from a young age, she's studied with teachers from the famed Julliard and Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, dabbled in TV and film acting (even appearing on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Bones), and adds dancing among her long list of talents that make her more than a triple threat. Throughout all of her years seeking knowledge and diving head first into new challenges, her poetic songwriting and soft-spoken vocals are where she blossoms, her first EP "Ghost In The Corner" a perfect example of where her career was heading. Her first full length, debut album, "Left Atrium" out July 2013 shows her abilities have risen to new heights in an exceptional way.

The first single off the album, "Cut To The Chase" is born from an undeniable movement that lies beneath the distinctive drum line. The flicker of the candle bursts to life within the musical folds of the song, all about wanting something you shouldn't have, much like touching a flame knowing that you'll get burned. Kris' vocals soar with a jazz-infused quality throughout the melodically heavy song, with a witty, devil-may-care attitude that adds stunning boldness.

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Painting the Silence


Painting the Silence on "Cut to the Chase" intro

Enter the Shell Podcast

Enter the Shell
live podcast performance and interview with DJ Turrtle

"Nothing You Can Say" Video Release

 Unforgettable singer/songwriter Kris Angelis debuts an intimate and touching music video for her single, "Nothing You Can Say." The heartbreaking ballad, featuring Zane Carney (CARNEY, Spiderman on Broadway, Guitarist for John Mayer), is a stripped down, simple interpretation of the aching and hallow instrumentation featured on the track itself. With Kris and Zane sitting face to face, conversationally singing to one another about the demise of their relationship, it seems to amplify the message of the song itself. Everything about the video, from the emptiness of the room, to the bare bones cinematic filming style, seems to echo the emotion within the melody. Kris Angelis allows her authentic display of honest emotion to break through, not only in the tenderness of her voice, but in her body language and the lost look she carries in her eyes. In an age where music videos seem to cloud the emotional journey taken with a piece of music, "Nothing You Can Say" only adds to the lost and harrowing feelings felt in the throbbing strum of the acoustic guitar, allowing the watcher to focus on listening as much as they would on the visual. Be sure to check out Kris Angelis haunting new video "Nothing You Can Say," out now! Interview

 Interview on with Host Yi Tian

Examiner Adams Ave Street Fair

"A familiar country openness and innocence danced off the Starbucks Stage and resounded in the songs that Kris performed." 

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