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Join my Patreon to support me making music and get exclusive stuff!

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See the video below and please share!

See the video below and please share!

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2017 isc semi finalist

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Top 10 on iTunes! 

Yesterday I woke up to this! 

Let's get it back up there and keep it there! Here's what you can do!


- Get the whole love story from hurt to sorrow to hope to joy NOW if you haven't yet at 

- GIFT, Gift, Gift - you can buy it (only 4$) and send it to friends! (In the dropdown menu as pictured below)

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All of this makes the biggest difference if you do it now before June 8th so don't wait! 

Let's make it Contagious! Get it? ;) 
<3 Kris

MusicFriday radio interview with preview clips!  

I did a radio interview this past Friday on Music Friday Live and they played clips of all of the 4 songs on my "Heartbreak Is Contagious" EP! You can hear it at!  

And don't forget to pre-order the EP for only $4 right now at


xo Kris 

International Songwriting Competition Winner! 

I'm excited to announce that "Built This House" which I wrote with Morgan Taylor Reid and Alexander Cardinale is a winner in the 2016 ISC! Thank you for all your support and to everyone who voted during the People's Voice contest! It made a difference!

"Heartbreak Is Contagious" EP now on iTunes! With a new track! 

The pre-sale has begun! And for those of you who have been hearing about the EP and the three songs for a bit, there's a surprise for you - a brand new track of a song called "Life Support"!

Get it here:

I'm especially excited for you to hear this album because I think its somewhat unique in that its a cohesive project that tells a story through songs in order about going through a heartbreak and coming out the other side and growing! Its relatable and a release for anyone who might be going through these feelings. It will make people feel not alone and bring them to hope and joy!

Our goal is to sell 1000 during the pre-sale to get it featured and on the charts when it comes out on June 2nd! So go get it now and please tell your friends who would like this music and encourage them to get it too!

Things you can do to help: 

- Pre-order the EP now 

- Share this link as much as you can:

- Tell people with your face :) and words about the EP, our goal, & encourage them to get it! 

- Rate and Review it on iTunes

xo Kris

"Heartbreak Is Contagious" Official Music Video! 

“Heartbreak is Contagious” explores what happens when love ends in pain. “When you’re brokenhearted it can literally feel like your heart is not working properly. You can’t really love anyone, including yourself, which can lead to you breaking someone else’s heart. But also included is the idea that you can let go—that sometimes heartbreak is just a thing that happens, it’s nobody’s fault, and we can be whole again.” 

This song won Kris the Best Female Artist Award in the International Acoustic Music Awards 2016. 

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Directed by Chris Hoffman 
Producers - Stephanie Mulcihy and Chris Hoffman 
Edit and Color - Jason Chen 
Starring - Kris Angelis, Robert Desanti, and Zachary Webber 

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I'm an ISC Finalist! Help me win the popular vote! 

My song "Built This House" is a Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition

You can vote once everyday through April 14th to help me win the People's Voice Award! (Click the photo)

Set reminders! Tell your friends! Thank you!  

*It's in the Adult Contemporary category and if you want to vote with multiple email addresses, just clear your browser history and refresh the page :)