Click to get my music!

Click to get my music!

Click below to preview and purchase the new infectious "making-lemonade-out-of-lemons" single by Kris Angelis and Adrianne Gonzalez! Proceeds from the pre-sale and first week (Through Oct 13th) will be given to victims of the Las Vegas shooting. You can donate more by changing the price at Bandcamp

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WINNER - Best Female Artist - International Acoustic Music Awards 2016
WINNER - Best Female EP in LA Music Critics Awards!

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I have started using the Busker app which you can find on the app store or 

Its a live streaming app where I play music and chat with you or live stream my concerts in case you can't make it in person! (Like at Barmel on March 16th 7-9pm!)

You can follow me on the app and it will also post on twitter when I'm live.

I'm excited because I'm going to be live streaming as part of a show on Busker called #musictrain at 1:30pm Pacific Time on March 25th.

I'm also starting my own #OnLocation live streams where I stream and play music from a mystery location. Tune in to see! The first one is tomorrow March 12th at 11am PT.

Ear To The Ground Music Blog Review 

Check out the wonderful and very kind review by Matt Simon of "Heartbreak Is Contagious" (written by myself, Alexander Cardinale, and Morgan Taylor Reid) included in their Tuesday Four Tracks to get you Moving.

Click photo to read the review and hear the other artists.

NPR Tiny Desk Contest 

I entered the Tiny Desk Contest which give me a chance to be featured in the All Songs Considered blog, perform an actual Tiny Desk Concert, and go on tour! Check it out and please share and watch because play counts make a difference! Thank you!

PATREON! Come join the choir of Angels! 

If you haven't heard of Patreon before, its a place where you can become a sponsor of an artist that you like and support by pledging funds on a regular basis - in my case, its whenever I post paid content like a new song, me playing a cover, a new music video, etc. You also get a Bunch of other content and rewards AND you get it before anyone else! And please share with any music loving, artist supporting friends who would be interested!  My "Angels" have already gotten a brand new produced song before the public, a video of me performing a new cover, and next week is a brand new music video that I'm working on! My goal is to get 5 more patrons by the end of this week! You can be one of them!

Click HERE now to see the video, rewards, and to join!

Snowdance 2017! Making a difference! 

I just got back from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT and it was blizzarding the whole time! Thus...Snowdance! It made for some extra adventures. It made marching in the Women's March something you had to be really motivated to do. And I am! And its just the first steps <--- get it? we were literally taking steps! If you want to get more involved, you can sign up at to find out what you can do to influence government policy and stand up for the rights of everyone in our country! 

I also got to talk to Kevin Bacon himself about my song "Kevin Bacon" - updates on that TBA :)
AND play in the snow: