Bright Side! New Single!

I'm excited to be releasing some new music on 10.6.17 and you can pre-order your copy and preview the song now ---> HERE (if it takes you to Apple Music, just click back to the iTunes Store) or by going to the iTunes Store and searching for Kris Angelis.

"Bright Side" is a bit of a departure from my sound because its a collaboration with an artist I love, Adrianne Gonzalez (The Rescues) who believes (and I agree!) that the best stuff comes out of being a little scared and out of your comfort zone. Its a percussive, fun, and empowering track and I can't wait to hear what you think! Feel free to let me know in the comments!  

Please share/post the link after you get yours! It makes a big difference. Don't forget to hashtag #BrightSide and tag me @krisangelis so I can see your posts and respond! :)  

xo Kris


Here's a little behind the scenes of Adrianne and me in the studio recording some gang vocals!

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