Chicago & NYC Billboards!

I have been doing a lot of live-streaming on the LiveAF app (you can join and follow me for interactive streams of me singing, going through tour life/regular life, sometimes I do "bedtime stories" where I ready Harry Potter out…


As you may know, I'm on a mission to play in all 50 of the United States in 2019! I'm flying by the seat of my pants a bit because I started out before it was all booked but I'm…

Grammy NEXT

I'm thrilled to tell you that I just got chosen to be part of this year's Grammy NEXT program which chooses a group of young artists that the committee believes has potential and pairs them with an industry "guide" or…


'Kevin Bacon' video in Costco Nationwide

I just found out that the music video for my song "Kevin Bacon" which was directed by @emmabell and stars myself and @CamronR, has been added to rotation in Costco stores across the US!


I'm going to be on billboards in Chicago!

With the incredible generosity and support of wonderful fans, I won a competition through LiveAF (live-streaming app) and I'm going to be on billboards all around Chicago! I'm heading there soon for the unveiling party and I'll keep you posted!…

Sweet Treats Birthday Patreon Celebration!

It's my birthday month! And to celebrate, I'm going to bake something sweet and yummer for everyone who joins my Patreon at the Cherub level or higher by July 23rd! (my birthday!) That's only $10 a month for access to…

More touring!

Here are the confirmed dates so far for June! More coming soon!


REAPPEAR Music Video!

Here's the official music video for my latest release "Reappear". Even thought its technically Spring now...*shhh* Just go with it ;)


Stained Glass ISC

Hey! Just wanted to let you know, Photobooth and Stained Glass didn't make it to the finalist round in the International Songwriting Competition this time but there are a bunch of great songs that did so check them out! It's…