RAW Artists Showcase

I'm excited to announce that I've been selected to be one of three musicians showcasing at the Los Angeles RAW Artists Event on Feb 18th! 
You can support me and get in to see a bunch of other wonderful artists…Read more

Reverbnation Featured Artist

I'm a Featured Artist on this week! Head over there to hear a previously unreleased song I wrote and recorded with Jeff Zacharski (producer of my album The Left Atrium). Its called Sing Me To Sleep. By visiting my…Read more

Noisetrade New and Notable

I put out a sampler of 5 songs from my album The Left Atrium on and it's featured in their New and Notable section this week!
Many people have been asking for it for the last few years so…Read more


Sorry for the delayed announcement but you can still watch the episode of RAKE (Greg Kinnear) I was in Rememberance of Taxis Past on Hulu!


Everyday Love video

I created a video for the song "Everyday Love" which I wrote about my grandparents shortly after my grandmother passed away in 2011. Its actual footage from their wedding. I hope you enjoy it!

Bud Light SuperBowl Commercial!

I'm "The identical twin of the girl you just met" in the 2014 Bud Light SuperBowl Spot "Epic Night" in which my twin sister Alix and I lead one very lucky unsuspecting guy through a crazy night including Don Cheadle…Read more