WIN THE GAME Music video!

You can watch it now on Youtube and Facebook! Please let me know what you think in the comments and share if you like it!

"I'd Give Anything" out now!

A new single from "The Skies We Look To" is available for streaming now and as an instant gratification track when you pre-order the album on iTunes and Bandcamp! 

So stream, save, share, playlist, and preorder now!

Your engagement on…

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Sip&Sing with Dan Navarro Feb 5th

Ryder Estates wines presents Sip&Sing, a fun hour with Kris Angelis and another musician - this time it's accomplished singer songwriter Dan Navarro - where take turns singing and talk about music and whatever else comes up. There is also…

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Because Periscope, where I have been live-streaming almost everyday for the past few years and engaging with a wonderful community, is shutting down at the end of March :(, I am moving over to Happs. You can download the app…

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12 Days of Krismas!

I'm excited to begin THE 12 DAYS OF KRISMAS today!

It includes:


Special Offer on Patreon through Christmas Eve 

- Anyone who joins or upgrades before Christmas will get downloadable/printable Lyric Art that you can put on your walls or…

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