Extreme Tour Diary #1

I've been on the road with the Extreme Tour for the past few days going around California! Its been great to meet the other bands and play for and meet all the kids and wonderful people helping make it possible! We have a few days off so I took the opportunity to come up to Carmel/Monterey to visit my parents and celebrate with my sister and her husband for their first wedding anniversary! So I thought I'd give you a little update and share some fun from the tour in case you didn't see it on twitter and whatnot!

I'm sad to see Direct Divide go. They are proving that violin does belong in hard rock and also happen to be from my hometown, Monterey, CA!
They have a new album out called "Own Your Ocean" Check it out!  http://www.directdivideband.com/

As well as Sika! www.sikaband.com From whom I got this shirt which I love!

It says "I'd fade a million times to give my light to you" which is a lyric from one of their songs. 
I, being me, thought about it a lot and I love the message of loving someone so much that you would sacrifice to give to him or her, but like to think that its an infinite source of light and love, not that anyone should lessen themselves :)  

I've been making lots of young new friends and fans and its making me even more aware of how important it is to have music and arts programs available to kids! They are just bursting to learn and create and giving them that outlet and focus could really make a difference in the direction of their lives!


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