Singer/songwriter, Kris Angelis, debuts eclectic country folk album with "The Left Atrium" on July 29, 2013

With an album title as multidimensional as the songwriter herself, "The Left Atrium" is both a piece of Angelis' heart as well as a window into her growth and maturity as an artist. With a distinct point of view, Kris Angelis' debut album showcases her talents in a genre-bending, emotional journey that has a little something for everyone. From the sexy to the inspiring to the painful, she touches on every aspect of human nature in a unique and engaging new way. A collaboration with producer/songwriter Jeff Zacharski, they gathered the most imaginatively talented individuals they could find to craft a truly stunning country-infused folk album. Featuring a plethora of players including Mallory Trunnel (Piano), Matt Koehler (Electric Guitar) Stephan Hovsepian (Violin/Mandolin), Anna Su (Cello), Charles Wiley (drums/percussion), Andrew Perusi (Bass), and Timothy Hall (Banjo); it becomes abundantly clear how they built this layered and affectedly honest album.

The first single off the EP, "Cut To The Chase" is born from an undeniable movement that lies beneath the distinctive drum line. The flicker of the candle bursts to life within the musical folds of the song, all about wanting something you shouldn't have, much like touching a flame knowing that you'll get burned. Kris' vocals soar with a jazz-infused quality throughout the melodically heavy song, with a witty, devil-may-care attitude that adds stunning boldness. One of the most unique tracks on the album is the stripped down "Empty Cabinets." Composed almost entirely of utensils found in the kitchen, Jeff and Kris used everything from spoons, to tapping metal bowls, and even running a spatula along a colander for an incredibly dreamlike rhythmic sound that is unlike anything else. A song about being alone in your house with nothing but tea in the kitchen cabinets, sitting in quiet contemplation on the kitchen floor, they created a beautifully idiosyncratic sound that sets itself apart from every other track on the album while also allowing Kris's angelic voice to stand center stage. The folky "Half As Afraid" is full of stunning chord progressions and soft, ever building harmonies. With a pick-up in the second verse that includes a rumbling drum, it has an almost Civil Wars feel to it that is both heartbreaking while not allowing itself to be a sleeper of a track. An almost violent cello solo stretches into an angry, direct bridge where you can feel the frustration in Angelis' voice radiating throughout each and every note. In a song about how silence speaks louder than words, there's ample sound full of beauty and inspiration, something that Kris Angelis consistently accomplishes in her music. With a play on childlike musical qualities, "Neverland" comes to life with the rhythmic piano line played by the talented Mallory Trunnel, who Angelis credits as instrumental in injecting attitude and fun into the track. Hand claps and steady percussions flood in and out of the dynamic vocals breathing a new life to a song about unrequited love, in a way that it's never quite been done before. On "Nothing You Can Say" there's a distinguishably different feel both rhythmically and instrumentally. Alone with a guitar, this is the track where Kris' emotive voice really stands out and her talent for truly telling a story with just her words gets its chance to shine. A heartbreaking duet with Zane Carney that glimmers on its own, despite being up against an album full of beautifully composed instrumentals and harmonic tricks, this stripped bare aching is the most authentic display of emotion on an emotionally diverse journey. Things kick back up with "Rhyme Nor Reason" about how our hearts get the best of us when it comes to logic and reason in love. On an album that is primarily about lost love and relationships, she allows herself to see the humor in the moment, displaying a sort of personal insanity as she tries to make sense of why she feels the way she does. With another percussion based piano, full of snaps and perfect harmonies, you can almost feel the music smiling right along with Kris as she sings about the pitfalls of a love that doesn't make sense. The southern-rock infused "Rust" sets itself apart from all the rest with it's explosive, tough-girl feel. A grooving electric guitar makes for a Marc Broussard-infused sound, full of a grittiness that is a stark contrast to Kris' truly unique and sweet vocals. Despite the softer side to her voice you can sense the anger and discontent rising up through each of the verses, until she is finally ready to let it all go and walk away.

Kris Angelis "The Left Atrium" is a spirited display of what happens when talent flies free. Not one track is like the other, making for a unique mix of genres while remaining true to who she is as an artist. Folk music with a hint of southern charm, Angelis allows her feelings to unfold with complete honesty while displaying an instrumentation that can only be born from true imagination.

Sera Roadnight
Magic Tree Productions