SiriusXM The Pulse - Shazam and Giveaway! 

As you can read above, my song "Heartbreak Is Contagious" is going to be playing on SiriusXM 'The Pulse' this weekend during the Train Tracks show with Pat Monahan (the lead singer of Train)! This is very exciting because they are a tastemaker station and if it goes well, the song could really take off! 

The way they determine how the audience is reacting to new songs is by looking at how many times it gets looked up on Shazam during when they play it on the station, so if you could do me a huge favor and Shazam it during these times, that would be SO helpful! If you don't know what Shazam is, its an app that listens to songs and tells you what they are :) 

Please ask your friends to do it too! Anyone who is around when it comes on! AND each time you post the above photo to social media tagging me @krisangelis and #heartbreakiscontagious, you'll be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card! I'm so excited for where this could lead! Thank you for your help! 

You can get a free 30 day trial by clicking "Get Started" at or get the app to listen on your phone or computer! 

xoxo Kris

Songs & Whispers Tour! *update* 

Here are the dates for the Songs & Whispers tour this September in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. More details in the TOUR section. All of the shows are FREE with donations welcome so if you're around or know anyone who is, please come and let them know! Don't forget to follow me on YouTube and Instagram to see all the adventures!

Please note the Kino-Hotel Meyer show has moved to August 31st and Janja's Musikbar in Cuxhaven has been added on Sept 1st


You can now Pre-SAVE on Spotify! 

Click the logo below to pre-save "Pieces That Were Stolen" on Spotify. All the tracks will be automatically added to your music as they become available and it will help the EP get more traction on Spotify so that it can get featured and heard by more people! Thank you and Please Share!

Steve Connell with Kill The Poets opening my EP Release Show at Hotel Cafe July 21st 

I'm so excited to announce that Steve Connell with Kill The Poets will be playing before me at 7pm at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on July 21st! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! He's an incredible spoken word artist and has a band playing behind him. Seriously look him up - he puts on an amazing show and seeing him in such an intimate setting will be a TREAT!

Get your tickets here

I'm going to be playing with a band (including cello!) and my twin sister Alix and Jon Huertas from "This Is Us" will sing harmonies! It's 2 days before my birthday and 2 weeks before the public release of my new EP "Pieces That Were Stolen" but YOU can get the CD only at this show! There will also be a photo booth set up where you can get fun photos with your friends and with me!

Selling this show out was my goal for this year and would be the best birthday present ever so go ahead and get your tickets now and invite a bunch of friends!

Get your tickets now and I'll see you there!

"Pieces That Were Stolen" EP pre-order available now! 

The new EP I've been working on has a title and artwork and is up on itunes for pre-sale RIGHT NOW!

It's only $4 and when you pre-order it makes a HUGE difference for me as an indie artist getting it on the iTunes and Billboard Heatseeker charts! That's my goal for this one is to get on that chart! It's possible with people like you! 

3 Ways To Help:

1) Pre-order the EP for yourself by clicking HERE

2) After you pre-order, click on the little down arrow next to the pre-order button and "Tell a friend," "Share on Twitter," or "Share on Facebook" (photo below)

3) Share the link directly on social media and DIRECTLY with people with email, message, or your face! :)