Heartbreak Is Contagious

My Love Story in Four Songs

Hurt, Sorrow, Hope, Joy

Watch the video to hear the stories and get the album below

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WINNER - Best Female Artist - International Acoustic Music Awards 2016
WINNER - Best Female EP in LA Music Critics Awards!

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I'm a "Top 40" Artist! Who knew? - Music For GOOD 

Thank you for listening to my music! It has gotten me into the Top 40 for singer/songerwriters in my area on ReverbNation.com! The extra awesome thing about this is that if you keep listening and share my music through reverbnation to your friends and they listen, I could get to #1 and higher in the national charts which will bring my music to more people's attention and this is a GOOD thing because whenever the songs on my reverbnation page are purchased, a percentage of that money goes to Charity:Water www.charitywater.org which brings clean water to areas of the world that need it. This is essential to prevent the spread of disease and increase the quality of life of the people in those areas! So you can listen to my music while enjoying a delicious, cool glass of clean water or a nice shower and know that you have done something GOOD! Tell your friends! They might want that good feeling too!

Noisetrade - Help Spread the Music! FREE songs! 

There is a sampler from my album on Noisetrade.com. Its a great website for finding new music where artists post their music for download for FREE or whatever you want to donate! If you do enjoy my music, anything you can give would be much appreciated to help pay for my upcoming tours! And/or you can help me spread the music to new fans by sharing this link with friends who would enjoy my music and telling them about the whole album! http://noisetrade.com/krisangelis/songs-from-the-left-atrium

"Not Your Fault" Ryan Seacrest Exclusive Premier 

 My music video for "Not Your Fault" from my album "The Left Atrium" is an Exclusive Premier on RyanSeacrest.com. 
Check it out HERE and let everyone know what you think by leaving a comment and posting and sharing it to spread the word! Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the video!