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Join my Patreon to support me making music and get exclusive stuff!

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Be in the 'A Billion Hearts' music video! 



This song is about coming together and being strong, supporting each other, togetherness, community, love, strength, empowerment, and making real connections within all of the crowd and noise of our world. So I thought it fitting to include as many people as possible in the video for it. So what I'm asking for if you want to be one of the Hearts is: 

- send video footage and/or photos of whatever all of what I said above means to you. Could be you making something with a friend, playing with your kids, cuddling with your dog or cat, fighting for a cause, etc! 

- send a short description/story of a time when you felt lifted up by a person or a community - friends surprised you with something, someone helped you through a struggle, anything! (ideally include photos of footage that go with it as well but not totally necessary) 

*Don't forget to give your name and where you're from if you want it included, please get permission from other people in the videos and photos, and know that by sending them in, you are giving me permission to use them in my music video and promo for "A Billion Hearts" without compensation.* 

Send to: 
By: Feb 7th 

(I'm editing the video together on Feb 8th and releasing it on Feb 9th when the song is released so don't be late ;) 

I'm so excited to see and hear and see your stories!

<3 x a billion,


A Billion Hearts pre-sale has begun! 

You can now pre-order my single "A Billion Hearts" I wrote this with The Highfields last year and I'm so excited to finally share it with you! It's about support, community, togetherness, love, fighting for what you believe in and making real connections among all of the noise in this world! Click below to pre-order it now and please share!


Heartbreak Is Contagious video awards! 

The video for Heartbreak Is Contagious directed by Chris Hoffman was a Semi-Finalist for Best Direction in the International Underground Music Festival 
and WON Best Music Video in the Los Angeles International Underground Music Festival! 

Original Holiday/Winter song! Free when you join my mailing list! 

How was everyone's Thanksgiving (if you're in the US)? Mine was pretty eventful. I was helping host a big Friendsgiving for 70 people when the oven started sparking and smoking and broke! AH! It was a potluck so it was still wonderful and full of delicious food :) Then I flew back to LA to be in a video that I can't talk about quite yet but will be able to show you soon! And then back up to Carmel for gorgeous sunsets, watching Braveheart (I'd never seen it! FREEDOM!!!) and playing a LOT of the super complicated, awesome, nerdy board game "Pandemic Legacy"! How was yours?

'Tis the season for thankfulness and gifting so I am making my new holiday song "Please Come Back Home" available for free when you join my mailing list!

Join HERE and Happy Holidays! I'd love to know what you think of my new song!

If you'd still like to purchase or GIFT it to anyone, you can set your own price at Bandcamp by clicking the photo.


100th Post! Pre-Order "Prove Me Wrong" 

I'm nervous and thrilled to finally share this very personal and emotional song with you! I wrote it with Chase Bell and he produced the piano and string version. The single also includes and haunting and beautiful a capella version arranged and produced by Mallory Trunnell at Jenga Productions. 

It's coming out NOV 3rd and you can pre-order it now at or by clicking the cover below. Please share!

Also, we made a video of a live performance of an acoustic guitar version (all the versions, all the versions!) which is below! I'd love to know what you think!