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Join my Patreon to support me making music and get exclusive stuff!

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Heartbreak Is Contagious video awards! 

The video for Heartbreak Is Contagious directed by Chris Hoffman was a Semi-Finalist for Best Direction in the International Underground Music Festival 
and WON Best Music Video in the Los Angeles International Underground Music Festival! 

Original Holiday/Winter song! Free when you join my mailing list! 

How was everyone's Thanksgiving (if you're in the US)? Mine was pretty eventful. I was helping host a big Friendsgiving for 70 people when the oven started sparking and smoking and broke! AH! It was a potluck so it was still wonderful and full of delicious food :) Then I flew back to LA to be in a video that I can't talk about quite yet but will be able to show you soon! And then back up to Carmel for gorgeous sunsets, watching Braveheart (I'd never seen it! FREEDOM!!!) and playing a LOT of the super complicated, awesome, nerdy board game "Pandemic Legacy"! How was yours?

'Tis the season for thankfulness and gifting so I am making my new holiday song "Please Come Back Home" available for free when you join my mailing list!

Join HERE and Happy Holidays! I'd love to know what you think of my new song!

If you'd still like to purchase or GIFT it to anyone, you can set your own price at Bandcamp by clicking the photo.


100th Post! Pre-Order "Prove Me Wrong" 

I'm nervous and thrilled to finally share this very personal and emotional song with you! I wrote it with Chase Bell and he produced the piano and string version. The single also includes and haunting and beautiful a capella version arranged and produced by Mallory Trunnell at Jenga Productions. 

It's coming out NOV 3rd and you can pre-order it now at or by clicking the cover below. Please share!

Also, we made a video of a live performance of an acoustic guitar version (all the versions, all the versions!) which is below! I'd love to know what you think!

Bright Side Release - donation to Las Vegas victims 

My single with Adrianne Gonzalez "Bright Side" just came out on Oct 6th and I felt uncomfortable promoting it in the midst of all of the devastation and tragedy going on right now for which there is no bright side. But I have decided to give the proceeds from the whole pre-sale and first week of sales to victims of the Las Vegas shooting. So get it ASAP to help while getting yourself a song that will hopefully make you feel a little better.

Please share as much as you can with #BrightSideSingle so we can make the biggest contribution. You can get it on iTunes but the best place for making the most impact is BandCamp because they take less of a commission AND you can change the price to pay more if you want to donate more!


Bright Side! New Single! 

I'm excited to be releasing some new music on 10.6.17 and you can pre-order your copy and preview the song now ---> HERE (if it takes you to Apple Music, just click back to the iTunes Store) or by going to the iTunes Store and searching for Kris Angelis.

"Bright Side" is a bit of a departure from my sound because its a collaboration with an artist I love, Adrianne Gonzalez (The Rescues) who believes (and I agree!) that the best stuff comes out of being a little scared and out of your comfort zone. Its a percussive, fun, and empowering track and I can't wait to hear what you think! Feel free to let me know in the comments!  

Please share/post the link after you get yours! It makes a big difference. Don't forget to hashtag #BrightSide and tag me @krisangelis so I can see your posts and respond! :)  

xo Kris


Here's a little behind the scenes of Adrianne and me in the studio recording some gang vocals!

Hello Pacific Northwest! 

I'm in the Pacific Northwest and I love it! I've been driving up the beautiful coast, camping and taking little detours. We went to Bodie (an awesome ghost town) and Crater Lake (not the one we thought it was...haha! It was very small...and not in Oregon.) 

Check out the TOUR section to see which cities I'm playing in. These are all private house concerts so I can't just invite the public BUT if you do know me, and want to come, text me, and I'll get you the info!

Check out my Instagram for photos from the adventure! I'm posting them as I get reception. 

New Press! 

There have been a few new interviews and reviews in the past week or so. You can check them out below!

"Complex in her arrangements, catchy in her rhythms, and profoundly genuine in her lyrics, Kris Angelis is a wildly talented songstress and storyteller out to save the real world."