Unsigned Only 2017 Semi-Finalist

My not-yet-release song co-written with and produced by The Highfields "A Billion Hearts" is now a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only competition.


"Kevin Bacon" music video!

I'm so excited to share this with you! I got to make it with my best friends and it was so much fun! Check it out now along with the interview about it and the "Heartbreak Is Contagious" EP HERE


Spotify and Bandcamp!

Here are some other things you can do to make a HUGE difference to the success of Heartbreak Is Contagious!

Spotify spins and saves are important numbers to industry and the more a track has, the more likely…

Top 10 on iTunes!

Yesterday I woke up to this! 

Let's get it back up there and keep it there! Here's what you can do!


- Get the whole love story from hurt to sorrow to hope to joy…


MusicFriday radio interview with preview clips!

I did a radio interview this past Friday on Music Friday Live and they played clips of all of the 4 songs on my "Heartbreak Is Contagious" EP! You can hear it at  http://tobtr.com/10037273!  

And don't forget to pre-order…

International Songwriting Competition Winner!

I'm excited to announce that "Built This House" which I wrote with Morgan Taylor Reid and Alexander Cardinale is a winner in the 2016 ISC! Thank you for all your support and to everyone who voted during the People's Voice…


FIxed link to pre-order EP!

This one should work if it didn't work yesterday!


Share away!

xo Kris

"Heartbreak Is Contagious" Official Music Video!

“Heartbreak is Contagious” explores what happens when love ends in pain. “When you’re brokenhearted it can literally feel like your heart is not working properly. You can’t really love anyone, including yourself, which can lead to you breaking someone else’s…