Noisetrade New & Notable!

I am a Noisetrade 'New & Notable' artist this week!! You can get my new single "Photobooth" before it comes out on Friday along with 4 other singles from the past year for just your email address and whatever price

Featured Artist on Indie Artst Roku Channel

I'm excited to be this month's "Artist Out Front" on the Indie Artst Channel on Roku! If you have Roku, check it out! They are playing some of my music videos.

Be in the 'A Billion Hearts' music video!



This song is about coming together and being strong, supporting each other, togetherness, community, love, strength, empowerment, and making real connections within all of the crowd and noise…

A Billion Hearts pre-sale has begun!

You can now pre-order my single "A Billion Hearts" I wrote this with The Highfields last year and I'm so excited to finally share it with you! It's about support, community, togetherness, love, fighting for what you believe in and…

Sing You To Sleep released on The Lost Silhouettes EP

A song that I co-wrote with Jeff Zacharski, Sing You To Sleep, is finally out on The Lost Silhouettes' "Crepe Paper Moon" EP! Just in time for the Super Moon! Check it out on iTunes and Spotify along with the other…

Heartbreak Is Contagious video awards!

The video for Heartbreak Is Contagious directed by Chris Hoffman was a Semi-Finalist for Best Direction in the International Underground Music Festival 
and WON Best Music Video in the Los Angeles International Underground Music Festival! 

100th Post! Pre-Order "Prove Me Wrong"

I'm nervous and thrilled to finally share this very personal and emotional song with you! I wrote it with Chase Bell and he produced the piano and string version. The single also includes and haunting and beautiful a capella version…