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Join my Patreon to support me making music and get exclusive stuff!

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Happy New Year! EP is finished!  

The songs for my new EP are mastered! I'm designing the artwork for the Indiegogo Backers Exclusive Pre-release with many of your names in the credits and ordering the hardcopies! If you want to be on that list of people who get to have the music before its released to the public, (and I don't know when that will be! It all depends on music industry response!) head over to my Indiegogo Page right now and become a backer for $15 to get the digital or $30 or more and you get the hardcopy and other fun stuff! I'm ordering those in the next week or so, so don't wait! 

I can't wait to get these songs out there and get you your rewards! My wonderful producers Morgan Taylor Reid and Alexander Cardinale have started pitching the songs for licensing, deals, and representation and I think this is going to be an exciting year for me and my music! 

In preparation for all of that, I'm working on sprucing up my online music presence and part of that includes getting verified on Spotify. Would you do me a big favor and click 'Follow' on my Artist Page

I created a Spotify Playlist with some of my favorite female singer-songwriters and a couple of my songs are on it! I made it collaborative so please add to it! I'd love to hear what you like and discover new great music! 

Feel encouraged to share the list and my page with friends as well! I need a bunch of followers to qualify for verification which will then open many more doors for more exposure! I really appreciate you and I'm sending you all love and joyful wishes for the New Year!

xo Kris

Extreme Tour Diary #1 

I've been on the road with the Extreme Tour for the past few days going around California! Its been great to meet the other bands and play for and meet all the kids and wonderful people helping make it possible! We have a few days off so I took the opportunity to come up to Carmel/Monterey to visit my parents and celebrate with my sister and her husband for their first wedding anniversary! So I thought I'd give you a little update and share some fun from the tour in case you didn't see it on twitter and whatnot!

I'm sad to see Direct Divide go. They are proving that violin does belong in hard rock and also happen to be from my hometown, Monterey, CA!
They have a new album out called "Own Your Ocean" Check it out!

As well as Sika! From whom I got this shirt which I love!

It says "I'd fade a million times to give my light to you" which is a lyric from one of their songs. 
I, being me, thought about it a lot and I love the message of loving someone so much that you would sacrifice to give to him or her, but like to think that its an infinite source of light and love, not that anyone should lessen themselves :)  

I've been making lots of young new friends and fans and its making me even more aware of how important it is to have music and arts programs available to kids! They are just bursting to learn and create and giving them that outlet and focus could really make a difference in the direction of their lives!


About to embark! 

I'm about to head out on an adventure with the Extreme Tour. They are an organization that brings musicians together with underserved communities and youth around the country and all over the world. They asked me to join them on the West Coast leg in October so I'll be traveling around California and Arizona spreading music, joy, and love! I'm excited to get to know all the other musicians and meet all the people in the places we're visiting! I just added the dates and cities to the Tour section. I will add more info as I get it but I do know that these shows are FREE and All Ages so come on out and tell your friends!

xo Kris

Partnering with Project AK-47 

I am excited to announce that I have partnered through Live Music Cares with Project AK-47 which rescues child soldiers! They go in and take these children out of terrible conditions where they are forced to fight and kill and be subjected to sexual and other abuses. 
I am a child sponsor and it is such a joy! Its only $28 a month - less than $1 a day! I'd love to have you join me in helping these children grow up in healthy conditions and to be educated so that a new generation is raised to lay the foundations and do the work that will make these kinds of organizations unnecessary! 

Visit my personal link to become a sponsor today

Visit and for more information!